The Life RX

What: A fully immersive car launch putting the guest in the driving seat.

Who: Lexus starring Jude Law

Where: Two secret locations in London 

The Numbers: 2 venues, 100 luxury lifestyle journalists, 4 minute intervals, 300 cast and crew. 

February 2016 saw The Department catapulting an audience into a multi-location, star-studded immersive theatrical experience to celebrate the launch of the Lexus RX, starring Jude Law. A cast and crew of 300 were brilliantly masterminded by a creative team including performance director behind many Secret cinema classics, Simon Evans, the sound designer from Punchdrunk, Stephen Dobbie, award winning designer, Joanna Scotcher, light magician Tupac Martir and hot, luxury British tailor Joshua Kane. A multi-sensory experience cleverly and implicitly brought to life key features of the car interwoven in a captivation narrative, charming the visiting journalists into some wonderful write-ups.