Our Approach

Our unique approach is guided by the cultured multi-disciplinary backgrounds  – theatre, film, arts, visual technology, music, fashion and event production. Our divers bed of expertise, gives us access to the rarest talents, carefully engaging partners to create a dynamic, specialist collective. We collaborate with a host of international artists from across our network, building bespoke project teams across all disciplines, based on skills, experience and passions.

From extensive experience delivering one-of-a-kind events, we’ve developed rigorous, well-honed processes to ensure delivery of innovative ideas with jaw-dropping precision.

“Merging landmark ideas, emerging technologies and ground-breaking talent collaborations with faultless execution to produce immersive work that genuinely transcends boundaries. – Chris Taylor, Head of European Marketing, LEXUS.

It’s our signature blend.

“For so many years, The Department have very efficiently and effectively worked with us on all of our annual productions. Great team to work with!” – Ben Chapman, Head of Popular Music, BBC.